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The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself.

                      President Franklin Roosevelt
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Petitions: Download a petition (excel file) to collect signatures for HR 676. Mail your signed petition to us at:

Health Care for All Texas
P.O. Box 421704
Houston, TX  77242

Resolutions: Convinced single payer national health insurance is the solution to our health care and economic crisis? Download a resolution here.  Send your signed HR 676 Resolution to us at: 

Health Care for All Texas
P.O. Box 421704
Houston, TX  77242

Mailings: Download a postcard that you mail to your U.S. Representative telling him or her that you endorse single-payer national health insurance. Click below to download and print the postcard:    
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Campaign to Disvest from For-Profit Health Companies in Retirement and Pension Funds

On Sept. 17, 2011, the Mid-Kentucky Presbytery voted to send an overture to the General Assembly recommending that the Presbyterian Church divest from investments in for-profit health insurance companies. The Presbyterian Church (USA) has consistently called for fundamental reform of United States healthcare systems and in 2008 endorsed single-payer universal health care reform…"as the program that best responds to the moral imperative of the gospel.”   Read the statment setting forth the moral rationale for divestment.

Read the Divestment Mission Statement proposed by Healthcare-Now and the proposed action items for the divestment campaign.  Contact Health Care for All Texas if you are interested in joining the many organizations working together to persuade socially responsible fund managers to divest from for-profit health insurance companies.  Divestment worked to end Aparthied in South Africa.  It can work to bring single-payer national health insurance to all Americans. 

Socially responsible companies/investments are  defined as "corporations that serve local communities and society overall…produce safe, high-quality products, and manage their companies in an exemplary and ethical manner." 

Private health insurance companies do not meet the criteria for socially responsible corporations and investments. Send a letter! Move your money! 

Sign the petition to TIAA-CREFF to drop Aetna, Cigna, Coventry Healthcare, Humana, and WellPoint from its CREF-SOCIAL CHOICE fund.  Disvestment campaigns work! 

Win-Win Campaign

Win-Win is a national campaign focusing on local governments—cities, towns, counties, school boards—to convince them to endorse single-payer healthcare. Using publicly available data and City of Houston Human Resources information, we found that the City of Houston could have saved $163 million in 2009 in city employee health benefits and could have eliminated its $3.24 billion unfunded retiree health care debt under "Improved Medicare for All" as proposed by H.R. 676.  
Join our effort to add Houston to the list of endorsers including Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Boston, Baltimore, Austin, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Philadelphia and over 40 other local and state governments. 

Visit the Win-Win website
Single Payer In Our Life Time Campaign

Education: Not convinced single-payer is the answer?  Invite a trained HCFAT speaker to present at your function or event. 

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