About Us
We Are an all volunteer, grassroots organization that believes health care is a human right. Every person in the state of Texas deserves access to high quality health care at an affordable cost.

Our Mission is to promote single-payer health care for all by educating the community and influencing public policy.

Our Vision is a health care system based on six guiding principles: universality, accessibility, affordability, accountability, comprehensiveness and justice.

Our Goals are

  • Guaranteed health care for all
  • Comprehensive coverage and emphasis on prevention
  • Public accountability and public input
  • Freedom to choose and change one’s physician or other health care practitioner
  • Portable coverage not affected by changing jobs, losing jobs, or moving
  • Fair financing through employer and employee contributions based on income
  • Cost containment
  • Guaranteed accessibility based on community need
  • Optimal transition to a system established and implemented by consumer, legislative, business, hospital, and provider interests
Health Care for All Texas was founded in 2002 by two physicians at the front lines of medicine to promote universal health care by educating the community and influencing public policy.

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Is Health Care a Human Right?
We believe it is

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948 by the United Nations at they urging of the United States, holds that every human being has the right to health, including health care based on the following principles:

   1. Universality: This means that everyone in
        the United States has the human right to
        health care.

   2. Equity: This means that benefits and
        contributions should be shared fairly to
        create a system that works for everyone.

   3. Accountability: This means that the U.S.
       government has a responsibility to ensure
       that care comes first.

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