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MedicareforAll.org compares our current system to an improved "Medicare for All" single-payer system. Many resources are available to help you understand what single payer would look like in practice and why it would be a better system for Americans. Join the "Million Letters" campaign.
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If you are uninsured in Texas, it can be difficult to find health care.  Below are links to some organizations or state programs that you may find useful.  Please let us know if these resources were helpful to you.  If you have found other resources helpful, but we don't have them listed, please tell us so we can add them to our list.  Start with an internet search using your county's name: 

[name of county] free health clinic

In Texas, just under 3 million Texans are enrolled in Medicare. The breakdown by race is:

60.7%   White
24.9%   Hispanic
11.7%   Black
2.6%     "Other"

Of those Texans covered, seniors make up 84.2% and the  15.3% are qualified as disabled. 
According to the 2010 Census Bureau report, Texas leads the nation in the number of uninsured .  In 2009, the rate of uninsured Texans jumped  from 24.55% in 2004 to 26.1% (national average was 16.1%).   Read the full report.  Read HCFAT commentary on the report.
Texans for a National Health Program